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The OrthoFx® Difference
OrthoFx® Is Fast, Easy, And Improves Confidence
  • OrthoFx® Aligners Look Better Than Metal Braces
  • OrthoFx® Aligners Can Be Removed When Eating
  • OrthoFx® Aligners Are Comfortable to Wear
  • ​OrthoFx® Aligners Straighten Teeth Faster

OrthoFx® Can Solve These Problems

FAQs About OrthoFx®

  • What Are OrthoFx Braces?  Braces are a system for moving teeth into a more functional and better looking position within the jawbone.  OrthoFx® braces use clear aligner trays that fit over your teeth to gently move the teeth into position.
  • ​What are the advantages of clear aligner braces over traditional "bracket & wire" braces?  The OrthoFx® trays are nearly invisible so no one will know you are in active braces treatment.  You can eat any foods you want with OrthoFx®, while traditional metal braces and wires have many food restrictions.  Brushing and flossing is much easier with removable clear aligner trays also.  Clear aligner trays don't interfere with your life.  You can play sports and even musical instruments with them in place.
  • How long does OrthoFx® treatment take?  The length of treatment is variable and is determined by how much tooth movement is required in each individual case.  However, most cases that we treat are completed in 6 months to 2 years.
  • Is OrthoFx® like Invisalign®? Yes, they are both clear aligner braces systems. In fact one of the inventors of Invisalign now works with OrthoFx®.
  • What are the differences between OrthoFx® and Invisalign®?  Invisalign has been around longer and is better known but they are both brands of using similar technology.  The 3 main differences between the 2 brands is:                                                  1)  OrthoFx® includes the cost of your retainer at the end of treatment.                                                                                                  2)  OrthoFx® treatment costs are usually less.                                                                                                                                              3)  With an Unlimited OrthoFx® case, any revisions and retainers are provided for free for up to 3 years. 
  • ​And finally OrthoFx® has a subscription retainer service, so your teeth will stay in place, and your smile will stay gorgeous!  
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